Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pepeprdine Session

This is our early morning session in Smother's Theatre.


This is our Pepperdine group after our last session on Thursday night.

My new office

After 13 months sharing an office with 2 other ministers and once a week with an intern as well, I have my own office. Yeah. I am so happy to have a place of my own again. No hearing 2 people's phone conversations all day long. I can shut my door and listen to my music as I plan whitout bothering anyone. It is wonderful. I've been more productive this week than I've been in a while. I'm lovin it. We get new furniture in about a month and then we will get the PODS that a lot of our stuff has been on for a year.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Happy 10th Anniversary

Today is mine and Summer's 10th wedding anniverary. Wow! It hard to believe that we have been married that long, because it has flown by in a hurry. I can honetly say it has been an unbelievable 10 years.

Of course, a lot has happened in 10 years. I'm in my 3rd ministry position. We've lived in 6 different houses/apts. We have 3 children, one in kindergarten.

Summer, thanks for putting up with me this long. I hope you can make it another 50-60 years with me. It will be a fun 50-60 years to come as long as we have each other.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Pepperdine was this past week. My praise team was able to lead 3 sessions. We had a well-known artist from our church Ro Diaz to paint during our sessions. He was also the featured artist for the lectures.

The praise team did extremely well. We were well received by those who attended our sessions. All through the week people were coming up to tell us how much they enjoyed it. The praise team came away very encouraged as well.

It was a great week. Of course, Pepperdine is one of the most beautiful places in the country.

On the plane ride home, we got to fly on a 767, which is one of the bigger planes. It has 2 seats, and aisle, 3 seats, an aisle, and then 2 more seats on each row. I was sitting in the center 3 seats and an older couple was sitting next to me. In the middle of the flight, the older gentleman went to the restroom, but when he came out, he collapsed on the floor of the plane. He ended up hurling a dozen times by the time we arrived at DFW and was complaining about his chest. The paramedics came on the plane and escorted him off as soon as we were able to dock with the airport.

Summer's mom and aunt were able to fly in and visit while I was gone.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Tribute to a great man

My vocal coach, Jim Casey, passed away over the weekend. He had cancer that had taken over his body.

Jim was well-known in the barbershop society. He coached many gold medal quartets. There are many of the best singers that have attributed much of their success in singing to Jim.

I was able to work with Jim many times over the past 3 years. He transformed my voice into what it is now. He also coached my quartet and helpped us get to the international competition.

Several months ago, I had him come and work with our praise team. It was an incredible night where everyone there was blessed. I will never forget him talking about the importance of communicating the message of the song from your heart. After talking about it, he sang "It is Well with My Soul." I don't think I will ever here a more heartfelt expression of that song than what he sang to us that night. We also gathered around him and prayed over hiim.

He called me the next day just to let me know what an incredible experience it was to work with us and that it just overwhelmed him when we gathered to pray over hiim.

Two weeks ago, my quartet was able to visit him in ICU and sing a couple of songs for him. As far as I know, our quartet was the last that he coached and the last to sing for him before he passed on.

He will be greatly missed. He knew my dad, so I'm sure he will find him in heaven and sing a few.

Pepperdine was this past week, but I'll save that for tomorrow.