Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Thought for the day

Things are going great. Rebekah is doing great and gaining weight like she should. Our house sold over the weekend. Praise God. It seems that there may be a calm in the storm for now.

I've been reading through the Bible chronologically this year. I just started Numbers yesterday. I just wanted to share some thoughts from my reading so far.

One of the greatest things I've finally connceted is that God has always come to us within the confines of our culture. I know that we say God transcends culture and He does, but we don't. God has always revealed Himself within our view of things so that we might understand Him better. Example? The story of Abraham. Many events that occured between God and Abraham relate to the culture. The first is the covenant that God made with Abraham. As a seal of this covenant God came as a fire pot and passed through the halves of animals that Abram had prepared. This covenant is very much like the treaty's back then. Abraham would have been very familiar with that kind of covenant. A second example in Abraham's life was the sacrifice of Issac. In that culture, is was the custom of many pagan god worshippers to sacrifice their children to these pagan God's. God asks Abraham to sacrifice Issac. The difference is that God provided the sacrifice after Abraham showed his faithfulness. Why does God do things within the confines of the culture of Abraham? Because that is way that Abraham will be able to understand who God is. God has never changed in nature, but He has always met us within our culture.

The other thing is that God uses ordinary people to do His extraordinary things. Issac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Gideon, David, and countless others were ordinary people that God used. None of them were the firstborn children. In the Old Testament the firstborn child was special. God intentionally didn't use the firstborn children to carry out his plan. Why? When you use extraordinary poeople to do extraordinary things, the poeple get the credit. When you use ordinary broken people to do extraordinary things, the only explanation is God's power. If you look at all of these men I've mentioned, they were all faithful but extremely flawed. It didn't stop there though. God sent His son as an ordinary child. He used the most ordinary men to spread the gospel in Acts. And He continues to use ordinary poeple in ordinary churches to do extraordinary things. Isn't God great? What is He doing extraordinary in your life today?

Thursday, February 10, 2005

We are in the clear

Rebekah went to the doctor yesterday and had gained 3 oz. and her billyruben had dropped to 18 which is a big improvement. The doctor is no longer worried which is good. Summer is feeling much better now that we are on track with Rebekah. Thank you for your prayers on our behalf.

Tune to 98.7, which is KLUV in Dalls tomorrow morning at about 8:00. Soon after my quartet will be singing "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" to advertise the Vocal Majority Singing Valentines.

My mother-in-law is leaving today. She has been a great help while she has been here. Starting today we are offically going to be taking care of 3 children all on our own. That should be interesting. As a friend of mine put it, with one we played 2 on 1 defence, with 2 we played man to man, but from now on we are playing zone defence.

If we can keep Anna from writing on walls, getting into all the cabinets and climbing on everything, I think we might survive it.

Have a blessed day.


Monday, February 07, 2005

Things are looking good

Summer took Rebekah to the doctor today. Her billyruben has been high and she has been losing weight. Over the weekend they have said just feed her every 2 hours even if she is sleeping good. We have done that and she is gaining good weight and her billyruben is looking better by sight though we should have the official results sometime today.

Summer's mom is in this week. Saturday night we had a roast, cream potatoes, cream style corn, mac & cheese, salad, and cornbread. It was good stuff.

Unfortunately, I'm not just loosing sleep because of a new baby. I've put on a few pounds and the more I weigh the less quality rest I get. I've started back with the Atkins diet again today. I've lost 40 before, so surely I can lose 30 now. Now that Summer is off bed rest and there are no major eating holidays in sight, I think I can stick to my diet for a while. Anyways, it is no fun when most of your clothes are so tight you don't like wearing them.

How about the Super Bowl? I wish the Eagles could have pulled it off. But there is no arguing that the Patriots are a stinkin good team. I went to two parties. One was mainly the worship team at Jeff Wheeler's house and the other one was the singles and young married party. We rolled my big screen next door to the youth house for that party and Mark fired up the smoker and smoked 4 beef briskets and 4 big ribs. It was good eating. At the Wheeler's house they had the most interesting desert ever. It was called "Kitty Litter." It was a base of cake with crumbled butter cookies and green dyed sugar. On top was tootsie rolls. After getting over the look of it, it turned out to be a most excellent desert.

Well that's all for today. Hope you like the new picture that is up. I'll try to put one with Anna in it as well soon. I still need to get a big family shot. I'll work on that.



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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Micah with Rebekah Posted by Hello

Back to work, Kind of!

Today is back to work. (for a day anyways) I'll be taking off the rest of the week with the new baby and family in, but there are many things to accomplish today. I was up with Rebekah till about midnight when my mom took over. Thank God for moms and mom-in-laws. She is the cutest thing as you can tell from the pictures. She is a very calm baby. The only time she cries is when she is hungry or needs a diaper change. So far, number 3 hasn't been too bad. I guess it will become more difficult when we start getting out. Instead of getting ready 2 children, we are getting 3 ready.

We will be bringing Rebekah to our "Peak of the Week" service tonight." When you live next door to the church, getting a baby out to come to church is not a hard thing to do. But watch out, I will have hand sanitizer handy for those who want to hold her or touch her. This will be the only time you see me a clean freak.

I finally have a keyboard for my office. Well, it is not here yet, but Ebay is great. I budgeted it in for this year. The one I really wanted was way too expensive so I was going to settle for a Yamaha. I found an auction on ebay for the expensive one. I bid what I was planning to pay for the Yamaha and I won it. I'm so excited. I'm getting the keyboard I really wanted in the first place for the price of the one I was going to settle for. Not a bad deal. Now I can finally do spend some quality time arranging instead of trucking upstairs to play our rehearsal keyboard, jotting notes down and running downstairs to my office to fix it in Finale.

We just bought a van on Saturday. I was going to take my old van and trade it in, but I couldn't get it out of the driveway before it overheated. I think I'm going to donate it to one of these non-profit organizations that uses old vehicles for parts. At least I've heard they are out there. We got a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan. It is used of course. Even with all the rebates and 0% intrest for 60 months, it is way cheaper to get a 2005 with 20,000 miles then to buy a new one. I've bought a lot of cars in my life, unfortunately. This purchase is the first I've felt good about. We could have bought a van with more options and payed a lot more, but we stuck with a basic model with basic feature, because that is all we needed. We will most likely put a DVD player with screen in it though for long trips with the kids. When you live 10-12 hours from family, it really helps long road trips.

Well, it is time for me to go to a doctors appointment. Have a blessed day.


Tuesday, February 01, 2005

She is getting upset at this point. Posted by Hello

Rebekah is Here!

Rebekah London Morris was born into this world on Jan. 30th, 2005 at 11:45 am. She weighed 7lbs. 3oz. She is 21" long. She is beautiful as you can see. We are home now and adjusting to having 3 children. Micah loves her. He said "Can we keep her?" Anna just yells, "Baby, baby, baby!!!" Summer is doing well. My mom is in for a few days and Summer's mom is coming in on Thursday. All is well. I'll probably post more pics later.


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