Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fun with Fae

This past weekend, my family traveled to Panama City Beach for our church's family beach retreat. We fully expected to be hit by Fae according to the weather reports. We were there from Thursday until Sunday and all we got was a little drizzle. It was windy at times, but no big rains.

On Sunday morning it was sunny and we were able to have church out on the beach.

The ironic thing was is that Fae hit Montgomery. We had branches down all over the place when we got home and Monday there were tornado warnings all morning. It is funny how a storm is forecasted to hit a certain place and then it totally misses. I guess I should learn to expect that out of weather forecasts.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

School has started

My daughter Anna is in school now and she is doing great. She stayed on green her first day which means she didn't get in trouble. I'm thankful for that. The traffic situation at her school is terrifying. They are building a new school in the front part of the school, while they are in pods and the other building in the back of the property. The lines are horrific and long and are going to be extremely annoying this year.

Bekah is staying with one of the moms at church during the day until September when preschool starts here at the church.

Summer is doing well at her new job. I think she really likes it.

I have had 3 computers come across my desk over the past 2 weeks that have had a ton of viruses. It has been really frustrating fighting them. It makes me glad I'm on a Mac. No viruses or spyware.

If you have a PC, please keep your virus protection and spyware protection updated and running on a regular basis. This will take care of the majority of problems.

Also, don't open unknown attachments or links. Viruses and spyware can even send email from people you know.

I say this so that your life may be less stressful.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Strange Dreams and Swimming

Monday was a day to remember. If you don't know my wife very well, then you probably didn't know that she has ever since I've known her been terrified of water. So much so that she could not put her head under water for more than a fraction of a second without having a panic attack.

Our two oldest are jumping in the deep end and off the diving board head first without floaties, so she decided she needed to get over this intense fear that she has. Monday I worked with her for 2 hours. We started by holding our breath above water, then holding our breath under water. I then had her go underwater and push off the side of the pool and glide to the other side. (this is all in the shallow end at this point.) Then I had her jump in the deep end. She stood there forever and even got emotional trying to convince herself to do it. After she did it was a mixed bag of tears and smiles on her part. Later she jumped off the diving board, dove in head first and treaded water in the deep end. I'm so proud of her for overcoming her fear of water.

Maybe next Monday she can help me overcome my fear of bumble bees. :)

I've been having crazy dreams the past two nights. Last night I dreamed about barbershop judges torturing a quartet and Ben Young of all people. In my dream I wouldn't have it and I retaliated and was going to bring the whole thing down. Crazy isn't it. My wife even heard me talking in my sleep when they were torturing Ben and I was saying "No, you can't do this anymore"

The funny thing about it all is that the past couple of mornings, I've felt very rested which is not normal. I'm usually tired every day because I don't sleep well. Oh well. Maybe I'll keep dreaming.