Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Toothless Wonder

Micah lost he first tooth last week. He is so proud. It is one of his bottom middle teeth. He also won 2nd place in the readathon for the 1st grade. This kid loves to read which is a great thing. We highly encourage that.

How about them Cowboys? They are looking great. The big question is can they improve enought over the next 8 weeks to take it all the way to the Superbowl and give the Patriots a run for their money? Also, don't count the Colts out. They gave the Patriots all they could handle and that is with 3-4 guys injured and not playing.

I'm getting back into Greek. I've put my greek stuff down for several years and I decided that if I don't start refreshing now, I will lose any knowlege of Greek altogether.

It is getting cold in Texas. Yipee. It got down to 46 last night and will be potentially in the high 30's tonight. High today is only 64. It feels great.

Gotta go. sorry for the total randomness of this post.


Nancy Morris said...

Hope the tooth fairy visited Micah.
I'll see him soon. Thanksgiving is almost here. Dad came over last night to watch KY play. Not on regular TV. He will be back tonight after church. By the way I have you a KY tie. Cindy found a good one in Lexington for me.

Anonymous said...

Greek is horrible. If you're free, don't go back. Seriously what has possessed you???? I'm in my fifth semester of it right now and I'm about ready to burn my books. Boy you done lost yo mind...

~ Stephanie. said...

Don't listen to Kacey. She loves Greek. She's minoring in it, for who knows what reason other than she LOVES it!

Don't mind the randomness - it's just nice to have something to read on your blog besides Pepperdine photos!