Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Spurt Blogger

I'm a spurt blogger. I blog in spurts. Most of my hobbies are done in spurts. I will barbershop for a while, then I'll play Warhammer for a while, then I'll play a video game a while, and then I'll rotate back to something else again.

Blogging for me is the same. I will blog for a while and then I take a break and then I'll blog again. Some times my spurts last longer than others.

I can't tell you how long this blogging spurt will last, but time will tell.

I had Friday off and I switched my day off this week from Friday to Monday and I took a personal day yesterday on my birthday. (by the way 33 is such a forgetable age. )

My children and wife also had Friday, Monday, and Tuesday off so what did our family do over this long weekend? Go on vacation? Sit around and be lazy? Go shopping? None of those. We painted and painted and painted and painted.

We've had paint for months and have only painted the kitchen, the living room, and the two girls room. Left to be painted is the hallways and stairwells (the most difficult project), the two front rooms, our bedroom, the downstairs bathrooms, and the kitchen again since Summer didn't like the color.

We finished the two front rooms and the hallways and stairwells, and all but a little trim in one of the bathrooms (we ran out of paint)

This Sunday night at our church we are having a talent show called "PRCC"S Got Talent" We will have 3 judges and some really terrible acts planted along the way. It will be a hoot.

Kids are doing well. We are trying to get Bekah to potty train to no avail. We have tried everything. Literally. When I was a new parent I heard some really wild ways of potty training that I thought were a little out there and borderline cruel. I don't know that I think that anymore as I'm rather tempted to try some of those myself.

She won't budge. She has control, she just wants to go in her diaper. She hates the potty. I think it goes back to an event of sitting on the potty in a target and the automatic flush activated while she was sitting there. She hasn't been the same since. We did have a small victory over the weekend though. We were able to get her to pee in her potty once. Yeah.

Thats all for now. Sorry about the randomness.


~ Stephanie. said...

YEAH! Glad to have you back in blogging world! Do you know OUR news? If not, you might try reading Kacey's blog. Or Nathan's. Either one will tell you pretty much the same thing!

MichaelPolutta said...

Welcome back, dude.

Markwardt Family said...

One idea on potty training that Robbie did.,.and it worked! Although it sounds kind gross.

We put regular underwear on Robbie and let him go to the bathroom in them. That was the ONLY time he ever did because he didn't like the feeling. From that point forward he used a toilet.

Just a thought.