Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Update on the Family

Things are going well with the family. I just turned 35 in January. Rebeckah just turned 5 and Anna just turned 7. Micah will be 9 in July. Summer turns 32 in June. Things at church are busy. I run an Upward basketball program at church. There are 334 kids in the program this year. I basically spend my Saturdays at church from 6:30am to 8pm. This Saturday is our last game of the season. Yipee. It has been a good season though.

Summer is in the middle of finishing up here Bible degree. She has one more semester after this one and she will be finished. She should graduate in August.

Micah and Anna are excelling in school. Micah tested out at 141 IQ. (definitely takes after his dad.) :) Anna is Miss Social Butterfly. Rebekah is in the preK at Alabama Christian Academy where Summer is working.

Our house in Texas finally sold in January, so we are now looking at our housing options. Our rental contract is up at the end of May so we need to be figuring out what we are going to be doing in that department.

I guess that is the nutshell on what is going on.

Have a great day!

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