Monday, February 07, 2005

Things are looking good

Summer took Rebekah to the doctor today. Her billyruben has been high and she has been losing weight. Over the weekend they have said just feed her every 2 hours even if she is sleeping good. We have done that and she is gaining good weight and her billyruben is looking better by sight though we should have the official results sometime today.

Summer's mom is in this week. Saturday night we had a roast, cream potatoes, cream style corn, mac & cheese, salad, and cornbread. It was good stuff.

Unfortunately, I'm not just loosing sleep because of a new baby. I've put on a few pounds and the more I weigh the less quality rest I get. I've started back with the Atkins diet again today. I've lost 40 before, so surely I can lose 30 now. Now that Summer is off bed rest and there are no major eating holidays in sight, I think I can stick to my diet for a while. Anyways, it is no fun when most of your clothes are so tight you don't like wearing them.

How about the Super Bowl? I wish the Eagles could have pulled it off. But there is no arguing that the Patriots are a stinkin good team. I went to two parties. One was mainly the worship team at Jeff Wheeler's house and the other one was the singles and young married party. We rolled my big screen next door to the youth house for that party and Mark fired up the smoker and smoked 4 beef briskets and 4 big ribs. It was good eating. At the Wheeler's house they had the most interesting desert ever. It was called "Kitty Litter." It was a base of cake with crumbled butter cookies and green dyed sugar. On top was tootsie rolls. After getting over the look of it, it turned out to be a most excellent desert.

Well that's all for today. Hope you like the new picture that is up. I'll try to put one with Anna in it as well soon. I still need to get a big family shot. I'll work on that.




stephen said...

I'm trying to come up with somethign whitty to say...........................

I got nothing!

Glad to hear things are going well with RLM! Keep us posted.

stephen said...

I guess no more of those deserts with ol Atkins!