Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Taking Charge

Sunday night was a nightmare for Summer. Rebekah kept waking up. We've figured out that she doesn't like to not be held. If she is by herslef in her bed she screams like you've never heard a baby scream. Because of this Summer was never able to get more than an hour of sleep at a time. Yesterday she was a zombie. So last night I took charge and was on a mission... (It is appropriate to hear the Mission:Impossible theme about now) ...A mission to get Summer some sleep but more importantly for Rebekah to like her bed and sleep in it. Ok, maybe just sleep in it. She doesn't have to like it.

I got home from the elder's meeting about 6:30 or so. I immediately sent Summer to bed to get rest. I put Anna in bed with Micah cause I new the mission was going to require a possibly noisy baby through the night. I fed her at 7:30 and she ate well. Step one of my mission was to put her in her baby bed while she was awake so that she could get the picture that she doesn't have to be held while she is awake. There was lots of screaming, but she eventually calmed down. She cried off and on until about 10:00 when she started wailing again. I went and got her at about 10:15 and as soon as I picked her up she stopped crying. She wasn't hungry yet and she didn't need a diaper change. She just wanted to be held. I fed her a bottle at 10:45 or so and she downed it. I then put her in her bed and hoped for the best. She slept from 11:00pm-4am which is a first. Yeah. I don't know if it had anything to do with my mission tactics for the night. Either way my mission was successful. Summer got some good sleep and Rebekah slept in her bed for 5 hours which at her age is great. We'll see if that continues as the days pass.

Have a blessed day,



Phyllistene said...

Congrats on the mission! I hope all continues well! Tell summer hello and know Im praying for you!

Thanks for the posts its good to hear about the new developments, and to know its all goin all right.

stephen said...


Man you might actually knwo what you are doing with those kids, who would have known! Glad to hear thigns are going well.