Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Worship Team Retreat

Wow! This past weekend we had our worship team retreat at Sky Ranch in Van, TX. It was a total blast. The food was great, it was beautiful outside, and they have ropes courses. It was so neat seeing many of our worship team climbing a telephone pole and jumping onto a trapeeze. I'll post a picture after this post.

We had 21 people to show up which was pretty good considering it was Spring Break. I set up a prayer walk that went over really well. We stayed up till 2:30am around the campfire telling funny stories.

Congrats to Becky San Juan for claiming the best belcher contest. I came in at a distant 2nd place, but her belches were too powerful and frequent for me to overcome. Also it was a three way tie between Shawn, Becky, and David for the most wood gathered trying to keep the fire alive. They would dissapear into the night and come back lugging arms full of branches. And the best story of the weekend has to go to Randy for his wonderful telling of when he got up to pray in church as a kid and passed gas out loud. I don't know how you beat that story.

I finally got my new digital camera yesterday. My old camera broke the day that Rebekah was born. The warranty just now paid for it so it has taken that long to figure out what I needed to do about a new camera.

Rebekah is starting to smile. She has officially smiled for me 4 times and only once for Summer. I guess Rebekah laughes at my silly looking face and then looks at Summer and thinks...."mmmmm...Lunch"

I hope all is going well with all of you. Sorry it has been a while since I posted. It is tough keeping this thing up to date. Have a blessed day.



Phyllistene said...

Congrats on the retreat and smile scores...

in regards to the order of "loved ones" I felt I needed to scale back the sap a smidge... that list wasn't necessarily in the correct order but Im not about to admit my cats would most likely be on top if that were the case anyway.. hehe... ehem.. you know its true stephen... sorry kid... :P

Lots of prayers and love!

stephen said...

First of all,

A serious revaluation of this relationship needs to happen if cats (CaTS MIND YOu) beat me on a list. Not GOD, cats.


Bret how do you end up at functions that talk about methane all day long. I think you have a supernatural ability to bring the methane out in anyone. Now what I can't decide, do you use your powers for good or for evil?

Phyllistene said...

Do you really think I could "miss" God? I mean.. God exists in S.A. too.. I was listing what I missed, and I speak to my cats less than i speak to you.. therefore.. they are allowed to be placed higher on the miss list. adoration wise MAYBE you get to be higher on the list than them. .. but Ive known them longer.. hmmmmmmmmmm...

I agree on the methane argument.