Wednesday, April 27, 2005

First Plane Ride

Well, I took Summer and the kids to the airport this morning. They wouldn't let me through to help get the kids through security. It was kind of sad. I can't wait to hear how my kids' first airplane ride is. I didn't fly until I was a teenager, but my kids are flying when they are 3 months, 2, and 3. The world has changed.

It is Administrative Professional's day. Thank God for Administrative Assistants. Lesli is my assistant and she keeps me in shape. A minister can only be as good as his assistant enables him to be.

Think of some great ministers. Mike Cope, Jeff Walling, Lynn Anderson, Chris Siedman, Rubel Shelley, or Rick Atchley? I guaruntee that they aren't capable of doing what they do with out a great assistant. Many thanks for all those in supportive roles in churches, especially to Lesli, Fran, and Maria who work at Preston Road.



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