Tuesday, May 24, 2005

It's Hot in Texas

Who would think that it would be 95-100 degrees in May? It has been record setting days as far as temp. is concerned. Summer, the kids, and I went to the park on Saturday morning and the temp. in the shade was 92. Though the offical high was only 99, my van was reading 103 at times. When it gets that hot though it doesn't matter whether it is 99 or 103 it is just torture to be outside for very long. I don't guess I can complain though, Ryan my friend just got back from Kuwait and when he got there it was 130 during the day. I thought 100 is bad.

Congrats to Kacey Reynolds in being hired on as 4th Ave. C of C youth intern for the summer in Franklin, TN. I feel sorry for the kids. (just kidding or maybe not) Seriously, I know you will do a great job Kacey. I'm proud of you, though I'm a little nervous for the kids you will be influencing. Just remember, "You know what your problem is..." :)

I have all three proposals in for the sound at PRCC. Now I have to put a fine tooth comb through them and make a decision on what company to go with. This could prove to be a difficult job because no matter what, I want the sound to be top notch. I'm tired of mediocore sound systems that don't perform well no matter who is running the sound. I hope to remedy that problem. This is big job so pray that I am wise as I choose the company.

Congratulations to Scott Sager our minister in recieving his Doctorate of Ministry. What a great honor. I'm proud of you Scott. It seems that everyone has a higher degree than I do. Our office administrator Fran has a Masters of Theology. (very similar to an M. Div.) I do plan on starting back this Fall though, most likely at ACU. I'm kind of excited about finishing my Masters work. I already have 18 hours under my belt.

Good luck to two of my friends Phyllis and Stephen. Phyllis is spending the summer in South America, maybe Mexico, I can't remember for a mission camp and my friend Stephen is spending the summer in Sudan. This will be a dangerous place for Stephen to be so please pray for him as they scout out mission points in Sudan. Who knows, Stephen may actually blend in over there. (ok, that was extremely wishful thinking) Unfortunately I don't think that blend is in his nature. I can already picutre the tall toothpick of a man with sandals, long soccer socks with green stripes, long shorts and a bright green shirt that has something about cows on it. Nope, he won't ever blend in. Good luck in your mission. Godspeed to both of you.

Well, that's about it for today. Blessings to you all.


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Margie said...

Be careful of the heat...it can get you before you know it! I saw Summers blog...your contagious!!!! :) Love you lots! Stephen, if you do get the opportunity to read this..good luck and I'll pray for your safty. I'd love to see you! It's been far too long and I'd love to meet Phyllis too. God bless and keep you both.