Tuesday, May 31, 2005

To couch or not to couch....

That is the question.

This weekend, Summer and I found a great deal on a leather sectional couch. It is at Dillard's. It is a retail $3200 couch, but because it is missing the middle cusion conncecting the two sections, which we can order by the way, it is marked down to $900. It is the nicest leather couch that Summer and I have seen. Here is the catch. It is possible that the leather won't match exactly because each couch seems to have slightly different shades of the leahter, so it is possible to have a lightly off colored middle cusion. Is is still worth getting? Is leather a good thing to have with kids around? I do know that the couch and chair that we have has been abused by our children. The upside to leather is that it is easy to clean up and should hold up better with couch abuse from the children. I'm open to suggestions before we buy this thing.

Pray for a girl named Allie that goes to our church. She is one of our children in our children's ministry. She is having surgery this morning that seems to be fairly complicated. It seems that her ribs have grown in and they have to open her up to fix the problem. Please pause and pray for her as you read this today.

I hope everyone had a great Memorial day weekend. It is always good to relax over a holiday. Notice that my wife's blog is linked over to the right in my links section. Go check it out. She might have a good blog, but at least I capitalize my letters when I'm supposed to. hehe. Have a great day.


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summer said...

yeah you may capitalize, but do you blog more than once a week? are you consistent? hmmm. i think this may be a contest. loveyou