Thursday, June 02, 2005

We couched

We bought a couch. It will be delivered next Wed. I'm excited about it. It is probably the nicest piece of furniture we have ever owned. What is cool is that we got it so cheap. The greatest things in life you get on sale. (I feel a sermon coming on)

New Leather Couch... Retail: $3200
Sale: $810

New Kawai Keyboard... Retail: $2000
Sale: $1250

New Clothes... Retail: $too much
Sale: 66% off at Dillard's

Perfect Wife... Retail: Way more than the richest person can afford
Sale: A poor worship minister got a perfect wife.

Sin.... Retail: Death
Sale: Forgiven

Though we can get almost everything on sale, God paid full retail price for our sin, the death of His Son. Don't take for granted the things we recieve on sale. Some of the spiritual bargains we recieve in life were paid at retail price so that we might have life.

Have a blessed day.


summer said...

oh how sweet--so does this mean you are indebted to me? we'll come with some way to pay off your debt let's see... you can wash some dishes...haha! love you,

summer said...

when are you going to post again?
love you