Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Who are you praying for?

Prayer is something that for me has been difficult in my life. It seems that for me without some structure, my prayers are very unfocused. When my prayers become unfocused, my prayer life suffers. I have decided to do something about that because I am convicted that my prayer life is vital to my ministry.

I now have a prayer list that sits on my desk. I decided to type everything I need to be praying for on a regular basis on a Word Document. I left space at the end for special needs that as they come up I can write them in.

What I have found is that I have so much that I feel I need to pray about. If you saw my list, it might look pretty overwhelming. It seems that the list continues to grow everyday too. I'm having to break the list up in sections because I think if I prayed for everyone on the list like I think I should, it might take a couple of hours to do.

If you are reading my blog, you are most likely on my prayer list. I do want you to know that I am praying for you and that I as a worship minister am trying to be more commited to being a prayer warrior as the foundation of my ministry instead of just a part of my ministry.

I pray that the peace of God will be with you all today.



NancyMorris said...

I just realized that I can leave you a comment. I leave them for Summer when I have time. You can certainly add me to your prayer list daily. I need it. It seems like the longer that Tommy has been gone the harder it gets for me to face life without him. I'm so busy but so lonely. It doesn't matter how tired or exhausted I get I'm still searching for meaning in my life. I know that God is suppose to be my source of strenght but it is so hard at times. Well I've vented to you and I feel better. I think not having a true friend to talk to (except God) is my problem My kids are my best friends and I have no other life except with them. I can't share my feelings with them. Love you Can't wait to see you on Sunday

MichaelPolutta said...

Please make sure I'm on your list! You folks are in our prayers as well.


summer said...

i love you so much. thank you for praying for all of us. i like your idea. i'm going to do it too. with each passing day you become more and more my hero. thank you for loveing God and his people so much!