Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Phone troubles, hurricanes, holidays, and shaving

The past couple of days, our office has been without phone and internet. I didn't realize how much we rely on technology until a couple of days ago. It was like our office came to a sudden hault. How would we function if we were to lose power for a month like many have from the hurricane? What if we no longer were able to buy gas for our cars, because of world events? What if all electronic devices just stopped working? Our lives and our country would be in real danger. The are such great things about technology, but as soon as you rely on it, it becomes a nightmare to suddenly lose it.

We need to be praying for the hurricane victims. What a terrible tragedy. It is hard to believe that a storm can do that much damage and be so far reaching. I can't imagine not only losing my house, but my job and my city. New Orleans is 80% flooded. That means that just about everything is in some ways is ruined.

Summer has gone to Gatlinburg with her family. What a brave woman to brave a 10-12 hour trip with 3 children in a van, then get up the next day and drive another 4 hours to get to Gatlinburg. I wouldn't want to do it, but I know she will enjoy seeing all 14 of her family that will be there.

My friend Stephen Lamb will be coming in on Friday and we will hanging out for the holidays.

Well, I got up this morning and decided to shave my gotee. It is gone. I wonder how everyone will react. I guess I'll have to give a report on that in the next couple of days.

We are really close to closing on the house. I would say in about a week or so we will be closing. I'm excited to move.

Well that's it for now. Have a blessed day.

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summer said...

yay!!!!! i'm excited too!! about closing on the house! and to be home and to have gone. i feel like i should be doing something but i don't know what to do for the people from louisiana. i'll figure something out today! i like the shaved face! i like it with the gotee as well. what do you think?
love you so much!