Monday, February 20, 2006

What a Weekend

This weekend, Summer and I were able to have a weekend together without the kids. My small group decided to take care of our children for the weekend as a gift for my birthday. They are the greatest. At first, it was just going to be a great weekend at home without the kids, but then Summer won a free night at the double tree with breakfast included at the women's retreat. On top of that, I remembered a promised room for doing a free singing gig at the renaissance in Richardson which is a really nice hotel. On Friday night we dropped off the children and went to eat at Saltgrass Steakhouse where we both had Prime Rib and it was delicious. The hotel was cool and comfy pillows. When we got in the room, the remote would not work, so the only station that was on was the finals of the Texas Hold 'Um competition. It was intriguing. We liked it so much we bought us a little set of it so we could learn to play. (Chips and all 75% off at Barnes and Noble)

The next day we went to Grapevine Mills and Barnes and Noble after sleeping late and eating breakfast. The hotel room for Saturday night was more than we could ever hope for. The lady that hooked us up with the free room, hooked us up with an 8th floor suite looking south toward Dallas. It was awesome. They even shined my shoes. It was definitely a great weekend.

This week I'm at ACU lectures. I finally got my ACU ID today. I also got a Texshare card which enables me to checkout library resources from SMU and Dallas Theological Seminary for free. Yah. Tomorrow I take a Miller's Analogy Test.

I'm extremely interested in the unity of the Churches of Christ and the Christian church. I'm looking forward to the day when those wounds are healed. It will take a while, but we are starting to mend fences that were torn apart 100 years ago today.

Have a blessed day.


Shane Coffman said...


You're making me hungry.

summer said...

actually, we had ribeyes rather than prime rib. but, that is also the place the waiter told me i must be the control freak of the relationship since i ordered my ranch and potato toppings on the side. he derived this from knowlege some "psychology classes" he took. i would have been really offended had it not been true ;-). i love you. hurry home safe tonight. can't wait to see you!!! it was a wonderful weekend to go in the memory bank forever!!!
love you,

Phyllistene said...

wish I couldve seen you around campus. Hope you had a good time at ACU

summer said...

post something new, please!!!!!!!

stephen said...


Oh man Summer you crack me up

MichaelPolutta said...

Hey Bret,

Any firmer idea about SuperWeek?