Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I've been tagged (well, in April)

Believe it or not, I just saw that my wife tagged me on her blog in April. I guess I missed that one. It caught my eye today as I was browsing her blog. So here it goes. Better late than never:

Four jobs I've had
  • Server at Shoney's and cracker barrel
  • Youth Minister at Riverwood Church of Christ in Nashville, TN
  • Family Minister at Reidland Church of Christ in Paducah, KY
  • Worship Minister at Preston Road Church of Christ in Dallas, TX
Four movies I could watch over and over:

  • Star Wars
  • Harry Potter
  • Lord of the Rings
  • ?too many to fit into the fourth slot?
Four places I've lived:

  • Paducah, KY
  • Nashville, TN
  • Dallas, TX
  • Rockwall, TX
Four favorite TV shows

  • Stargate SG-1
  • Stargate Atlantis
  • 24
  • American Idol or Nashville Star (when they are running)
Four Vacations I've been on:

  • London and Scotland (Hymn tour)
  • Destin, FL
  • Gatlinburg
  • Charleston, SC
Four websites I visit often:

  • eBay
  • Worship Forum
  • Games Workshop
  • Bolter and Chainsword

Four favorite foods

  • On the Border Flour Tortillas and butter
  • Chong's Lunch Buffet (in Paducah)
  • Chick-fil-a #1 with Diet Coke and Honey mustard
  • All of my wife's cooking except fried chicken :)

Four places you'd rather be:

  • On the beach with my family on a remote Caribbean Island
  • Disney would be fun
  • Colorado Mountains
  • Holy Land Tour

Four people to tag:

  • John Kimberlin (like he will ever looked at my blog)
  • My mother-in-law
  • Lesli
  • Mike Polutta

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