Thursday, August 31, 2006

So it's been a while

Well since I've posted last, Micah has started school. He loves it and is doing great. He is going to be our child who will be studious and end up Valedictorian of his class. I can already tell that Anna may not be the same way. Anna will end up being Miss School Spirit along with Prom Queen Rebeckah I'm not sure about. She just going to be the down to earth laid back girl that is enjoyable to be around.

I got a new Dell Axim X51v. It is awesome. I'm able to surf the Internet, work with my excel and word documents, play games, do email, keep up with contacts, plus other stuff that I''m not aware of. I can also do powerpoint presentations on it.

We are still sharing offices. It looks like November is a realistic date of getting back to our old offices in the basement.

Summer and I have decided that we want to take a big Disney vacation for our 10th anniversary. We were originally going to go out of country, but 10 years of marriage celebrates having children and Summer has never been to all the Disney stuff. So we are headed to Fl next year for the trip of a lifetime for our children. (Somehow I think Summer may enjoy it more than they do.)

Our praise team has been invited to sing at the Pepperdine lectures next year. We had our first rehearsal on Sunday and it was great. We really have a talented bunch of singers at Preston Road. I'm so proud of the things that we have accomplished since I got here.

Well, that's it for now. I like this new version of Blogger beta. It makes many of the functions of blogging a little easier such as blog design. Have a great day.


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