Wednesday, September 13, 2006

FPU Top Ten List

I'm facilitating a Fincancial Peace University class right now for a small group in our church. We decided to do a top ten list.

Top Ten (or 16) ways you can tell if someone is involved in FPU:

1. Wads of cash bulging out of wallet
2. Bank teller knows you by name and has your cash ready
3. When told the price of your tickets at the movie theater you say "Not good enough!"
4. The highlight of your month is when the checkbook balances on the first try
5. You have no plans for the last week of the month because you have already spent all your cash
6. Fasting becomes a financial discipline as well as a spiritual one
7. Growing older becomes more appealing as it gets you closer to that retirement money!
8. You have become a credit card Nazi
9. $1000 in the bank is no longer good enough
10. You turn to your wife and say "pay the lady" cause she has all the envelops and money.
11. At the restaurant, you calculate exactly 15 percent gratuity and can actually give the waiter correct change.
You consider it a great day when you are able to feed your family of 5 at Taco Buenos for $7.98 with coupons.
13. If you ask your church budget people for a copy of the churches’ zero-based budget
14. If you get excited when someone brings up the subject of compound interest.
15. If you carry a calculator with you to the grocery store and end up taking most of your time putting things back because you only have $100 this week to spend on groceries.
16. "Date Night" consist of going to Braums for a smoothie and watching movies checked out from the library.

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