Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I am a coordinator for Financial Peace University. That doesn't mean that I'm some financial wizard that has perfect budget and lots of surplus at the end of the month, but it does mean I try to hold to certain principles that though hard at first, help to give you financial peace. Today I will give you two principles.

1. Put $1000 in an emergency fund.
Do whatever you have to. Sell something, work overtime, sell a kid. Ok, maybe not sell the kid, but get serious about getting $1000 in the bank. Why? Peace of mind. This money is for what I said it is for, emergancies. Not for that cool new tool or that makeup that you've been needed to get but didn't have money for. I'm talking about deductible in case of an accident or hospital stay emergency.

2. Get on a budget.
Spend every dollar you make on paper before the month starts. If you don't spend it on paper you will spend it somewhere and will have a headache trying to figure out where all the money went.

For more info, pick up a copy of Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey.

As Dave Ramsey says "Control your money or the lack of it will control you."

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summer said...

you have to post the top ten reasons you can tell someone is taking fpu that suzanne started! they are so funny!