Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It has been a while!

Xmas and the New Year consistantly bring lots of excitement. During Xmas, my wife got sick, I got sick, and my dear Anna got sick. Unfortuately, Anna getting sick left Summer and I cleaning carpet at my sister's house on Xmas eve night.

Last week we got a new dog. We got him from the animal shelter. I've always wanted a chocolate lab. Unfortunately he died on Thursday night of Parvo. It was especially hard on my wife and Micah. Micah cried for 20 minutes straight after telling him about it. Now I have to bleach my house and yard before we can think about another dog because Parvo can hang around for 9 months in a yard. Somehow, I don't think we will get a new dog for a while after this incident.

I'll post some pictures in a little while of recent events.

Today I've been watching the construction crew tearing down the houses next to our church as we are starting our building project. It is cool to see how quickly they can tear them down. I've got a video camera taping it so we can do a play back in fast motion of it going down.

Let me know if anyone still checks this occasionally.


summer said...

wow!!!! you posted. i can't say much. i rarely post either, but i'm glad to see you did. love you.

NancyMorris said...

It's about time you posted. Was about to give up on you.

Andrew said...

still check it.

Ryan and Lesli said...

Wow! A post!! Glad you're back in blogger world.

MichaelPolutta said...

Yeah, slacker! (grin) Get to some posting!!! Sorry your recent experiences have not been fun.


janjanmom said...

still here...you don't get a daily check though!

Jenni said...

can't wait to see the video of teardown and construction!!