Thursday, January 25, 2007

Word of God

This Sunday we are focusing on the importance of the Word of God, especially in community. Scott our minister has a powerful lesson planned about how we not only hurt ourselves when we don't spend time in the Word of God, but we also are hurting our community of faith when we don't spend time in the Word of God.

I've been thinking alot about my days in Nashville at Riverwood. We had some kids in some tough places in that youth group. Some of them were in very broken families. Some were deep into drugs and drinking. A few went to one of the scariest schools in Nashville. Yet the Word of God transformed them.

Here are some lyrics that have been running through my head all week.

"Word of God speak, would you pour down like rain washing my eyes to see your majesty? To be still and know that You're in this place, please let me stay and rest in Your holiness"

Word of God Speak

Bart Millard

"Your words are life to me
Your Ways are all I seek
Your truth is everything I need
Your words are life to me
For every breath I breath
Your words are life to me...."

"Your words bring life to my being, but now I'm seeing it, singing it, living it, breathing it. You're the way, the truth, the light, the door. The King who grants wisdom, the One you're searching for. I love Him, I praise Him, Yeah, I give Him all the glory, His words are life to me."

Your Words are Life to Me
Jeffrey B. Scott/Reggie Joiner


summer said...

you for got the oh oh oh oh oh oh oh part in Your Words Are Life to Me. hehehehe i just had to say that. love you!

NancyMorris said...

I'm guilty of not reading enough Bible at home. Going to try to do better. Love watching Bible facts specials on TV and several other denominational speakers. Hope you had a great birthday