Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I'm trying this.

Ok, I have a friend who has recently gotten free stuff from a referal offer like the one I'm tryiing. I'm trying to get a free iPOD. I've signed up for the BMG CD club where I get 12 CD's free and I purchase 1 CD at club price and then my commitment is over and I can cancel my account. I was going to do this anyways to keep up on my worship CD's and you end up getting your CDs cheaper than if you go to Walmart. There are other offers out there as well. If 5 of you can sign up for something under the link below, then I can get a free iPOD. It also starts your process in getting a free iPOD as well. If I get 5 people to sign up for something and I recieve the iPOD, I will tell you that it works and you can get an iPOD the same way. I thought it would be worth a try anyways. Here is the link:

Copy this link into your web browser:

Thanks for participating if you do.

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dreamry said...

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