Monday, October 17, 2005

Zoe was awesome

I attended the worship conference last weekend in Nashville, TN. It rocked. This is probably my 5-6 year to go. It is always good to see all of my friends from around the country that come to the conference. We had around 15 people that came to the conference from our church including 2 elders and their wives. The elders loved it. We have an elders meeting tonight and one of the things on the agenda is for one of our elders to report on the conference. I'm excited.

I'm a little under the weather today. I think there is a stomach bug going around and I have it. I still came to work. My philosophy is if you are going to be a little miserable at home, you might as well be a little miserable at work. Though I probably didn't get as much done as I wish I would have, there were some productive things that came from the days work.

I'm the tech guy around here and it seems that there are some in our office that have the tech curse. It is the curse that I'm convinced plauges much of our nation. Anything a person with this curse toches seems to mess up in some way. I'm glad I don't have the curse, but it can be quite the chore to figure out why everyones computers are going haywire. That happened today to Jim's computer. His computer is in the shop getting a new screen because it went out and today his mouse and keyboard on his loaner laptop (which is better than his old one) went nuts. I was able to decipher the problem, but it took me a little while to figure it out.

Our house is so cool. My family and I are really enjoying having the space. We love the neighborhood, the school and the house. I even like the drive time I have in the morning and afternoon. The only thing I don't like is the extra gas cost.

Here is a deal of all deals. Only nerds like myself will actually get excited about this deal. The Theological Dictionary of the New Testament which is a $700 10 volume set normally goes for around $399 on CBD. Right now they have it for $99. I ordered my copy the end of last week. I haven't checked, but it might be gone by now, but I got my order in. I'm so excited about having that in my library, especially because I'm getting ready to start back on my Masters at ACU and that will come in handy.

Well, that's all for now.


stephen said...


HAve fun with the TDNT man! Greek here you come!

Praying for you and the fam

NancyMorris said...

Hope you are feeling better. All here have had the virus. Hope you have a great and successful weekend in San Antonio. Hope all will work out for Summer to have a baby sitter so she can enjy the contest with you. Love all of you