Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sung Out

Well, I just got back from San Antonio last night. We had a great trip. There were alot of good things that the quartet did and figured out at the contest to help us in the future. The cool thing is that the San Antonio main newspaper interviewed our quartet and and article with our picture was plastered on the first page of teh Metro section of Sunday's paper. It's funny that our quartet is from Dallas, but we get featured in San Antonio's newspaper.

We stayed at the St. Anthony in downtown San Antonio. It is more of a historic hotel. It was nice, but the carpets were a little on the dirty side. On the way back, we stayed the night at a Quality Inn for half the price. Sure, the St. Anthony was decorated nice, but the Qaulity Inn was clean, had free high speed internet, and a free breakfast that included good biscuts and gravy. I'd pay half the price anyday for that deal.

Summer and I were able to attend Oak Hills on Sunday morning. Max Lucado wasn't there, so they had David Robinson there sharing the message. My family got to meet him. I guess it goes without saying, but I have to say it. "Man, he was tall."

We went to lunch with Jeff Nelson and enjoyed our time with him. Our kids and his kids played while we talked over lunch.

Well, it is time to get into worship planning mode. Have a great day.


summer said...

i had an awesome time. i think you guys were better than all the others! even max q!! (how's that for a supportive wife??) i love you and really enjoyed our time away. it felt good to be r & r'ing. hope all goes well for you getting back in the swing of things at work. i love you with all my heart!

stephen said...

Glad to hear that the weekend went well. You guys stay out of trouble

Jason Silver said...

You have a mode for worship planning? haha :) Do tell me more.

Jason Silver said...

...or don't...