Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Happy Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is always a busy time of year. We travel to see our families, we overstuff ourselves with fattening foods, desserts, and grace tea, go shopping all day Friday to get the best deals and then come home in time to get to work Monday morning. Though all of those things are some of the great memories that we will treasure for the rest of our lives, we need to stop our business for a while and ponder all the things we are thankful for. We live in such a sarcastic, negative society and there is a lot we can complain about. (i.e. not enough money, can’t find a job, annoying spouse, bad health, too busy, hate my job, I don’t want to travel 12 hours for Thankgiving and turn around 3 days later and make the trip back, kids are hard to handle, I don’t like the songs in worship, etc. etc. etc.)

Ok, so we like to complain. It is time that we be thankful. What good does it do to complain about all these things. It won’t make any of them better. As a matter fact, it might just make most of them worse.

I have been dreading driving 12 hours to Kentucky and Tennessee and then having to make the trip back home 3 days later only to have to do it again at Christmas time as well. My complaints will not help make my trip any better. I want to see my family, but I don’t want to make such a long turn around trip. I’ve decided that it is time to stop complaining and be thankful that I have the ability to make this kind of trip to see my family. As my mind starting thinking of the positives, I also started to think about all the great conversations that come from a long road trip and how good that will be for my family to be able to be together for that long period of time where our relationships can further develop.

I’m now going to list other things I’m thankful for:

God has blessed me beyond my imagination

Beautiful and wonderful wife

Awesome children

Wonderful mom, sisters, and in-laws

Great church, elders, deacons, and staff

Great worship team

I’m thankful God created music

I have a job

If I’m hungry, I have the ability to get something to eat

If I need to go somewhere I have two vehicles to choose from and they both work.

I can afford high gas prices, though I don’t like it.

I have a roof over my head and a comfortable bed to sleep in.

I have money to buy Christmas gifts.

I have a savings account.

I have salvation

God’s Spirit is within me

God loves me

God forgives me

God works through me

I live in a country that allows me to worship freely

I’m thankful to be alive today

The list could go on and on, but the purpose of this list is to get us in the mode of being Thankful for the things we have rather than complain about the things we don’t have or don’t like. May God’s blessings be upon you this Thanksgiving.


summer said...

i ejouyed our long drive we ere both dreading. i'm glad we did it even though it was alot of hours inthe car and our kids did really great considering hte amount of time in carseats in a 4 day period too. love you so much

Jan said...

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Come and check it out if you have an interest, thanks.


summer said...

you should post again. i miss reading your thought provoking posts. you have an audience who would love to hear form you again!