Tuesday, October 31, 2006


This past weekend, my quartet, Makin' Waves, competed in the District competition in Corpus Christi. We had a blast. We got 2nd place out of 24 quartets. We scored a 78.4 which is very good for us. Not bad for 2.5 months of work with a new bass.

Our new bass is a past international champion in the barbershop society. He sang with a quartet called the Dealer's Choice. The judges seemed to think we could end up in the medals at international if we can keep working like we have and work out some of the sync and matching problems that comes with a new quartet. That would be a dream come true.

The last time I sang in a quartet on international stage was with my dad in 1992. It was 6 months before he died. I always said that I was going to win a gold with a quartet after that. Maybe I've found a quartet that can go all the way. We'll see.

I really missed being at church on Sunday morning. I always miss being with the praise team and leading worship. Jeff always does a great job though. I know he had fun.

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NancyMorris said...

Loved the picture. It was a shock for a few minutes. The bass had grey hair like Tommy and was standing in Toomy's place. It brought back alot of memories.