Monday, October 23, 2006

My Allergy to October

I seem to have developed in recent years an allergy to October. It seems around October, I get tonsilitis or bronchitis, or something else itis. This year it is acute sinusitus. I always develop the symptoms close to a major singing event which is this coming weekend. Last year it was a Fall show for the VM. This year it is contest with the quartet.

So, as of today I'm on Z-pak, Mucinez DM, a nasacort spray, and a sinus rinse kit. If this doesn't work, then I don't know what will. I thought I was getting better and was in fairly good voice yesterday for worship, but during the Pepperdine rehearsal yesterday afternoon, my voice went downhill in a hurry.

The rehearsal was great though. The group is starting to sound great. We rehearsed with no music just to see how much they knew of our material. They did surprisingly well.

After the rehearsal I had a couple of hours of silence. It was funny trying to communicate to my wife without saying things. You should try it sometime. You will get a kick out what the other person thinks you are trying to say.

Have a blessed day.


NancyMorris said...

Sorry about your sinus infection. I know they can be rough. It does sound like Oct. is not a good month for you. Remember that in the future and start taking some medicine in the month of Oct. Things are good here. Aimers are here. had fish fry Sat. Celebration coming up real soon. Send me Ryan and Leslie E-Mail address. Summer gave it to me but I must have written it down wrong.

summer said...

i hope the meds to the trick for this weekend. you guys were sounding really great. i hope we are all suprised with the results tomoorow night!! be sure to call me with the results! love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!