Friday, June 06, 2008

Am I getting old?

It is days like today that you start to realize your age. I started out ministry as a youth minister. When I started youth ministry, Josh Lee was a little wild 12 year old that drove everyone nuts. Of course, over time he matured into a great leader in our youth program. Fast forward to today. He is getting married at 6:00 tonight.

My family and I will be traveling to witness this great event. Thankfully, it is in north Alabama so I only have to drive 2.5 hours to get there. It is awesome to see people that you love grow up and succeed in life. Josh has grown to be an awesome guy. No thanks to me of course. There are so many that I worked with that I'm so proud of the things they have done in their lives. Josh is definitely one of those guys. He and his bride to be are praying about what mission they want to serve together on. My job tonight is to pray about that specific thing in their wedding tonight.

If you know Josh, take a moment and pray for him and his bride to be that God will give them opportunities in missions to serve together.

I love you Josh and I'm proud of you and may God bless you and your new wife.


summer said...

yep we're gettin old, but we still look good!!!!
love you!

Joshua said...

Thanks Bret for your blog. We enjoyed reading it. Love ya it was great seeing you. Got to get back to the fun of a honeymoon later