Thursday, July 17, 2008

Big day

Today is a big day. First, there is a couple interested in our house. We are praying that this would be a good move for them. We may hear back from them today on if they want to purchase our house.

Also, Summer has an interview with ACA, Alabama Christian Academy. This would be for a full-time salaried position as a full-time sub. This would be an awesome opportunity for her if it is the right fit. It will also help her decide if she will finish her degree in education. It will also help us be able to afford the rest of her degree.

It is amazing how two huge things like these come into alignment on the same day. Keep us in your prayers today as decisions are being made.


Roxy Wishum said...

Congratulations on all the exciting movement! You did a great job Wednesday night. I think you are more of a preacher than you realize.

~ Stephanie. said...

We are bummed that we didn't get an RSVP from the Morris clan!