Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Backup Your Files

You don't expect for a hard drive on a less than 6 month old laptop to crash on you. Well, I have news for you: They do. I have not backed up anything since I got my laptop at the end of April. Yesterday, I had the big blue screen that scares people. I turn it back on and get it going. I had to go to a meeting so I left it on so I could deal with when I got back. When I got back the blue screen was crying out to me once more. This time when I turned it back on, it said "No Operating System Found." Surely this was not happening to me. Well, it did. My hard drive is fried. So I took it to Fry's where I purchased it. After lots of confusion (when I bought it, they associated the Serial # on my computer with the description of another laptop I bought) they checked in my computer. Thankfully I bought a good warranty. They will ship it to Fujitsu since it is still under manufacturer's warranty. I'll get my computer back in 6-8 weeks. Joy. The good things are that they have given me a loaner which is a brand new computer until mine is fixed and they think they might be able to recover my important docs like email, and my docs. They will have that done tomorrow. I'm typing on my new computer. I spent the evening putting everything back on it.

How about the election? Wow. There were several things made me excited. Of course, GW has 4 more years. Yeah!!! Another was that people came out voting based on moral issues. Praise the Lord that people are still concerned about morals. And of course I'm excited that we know the day after instead of a month after. I hope that the parties can get rid of such differences and accomplish something. And I did say both parties. Both parties need much improvment. I'm just glad all the bashing TV ads are over.

We have a girl from our New Friends New Life ministry being baptized tonight. It will be a real special evening. Well, it is time for me to finish all my stuff for tonight. Have a blessed day.


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