Monday, November 08, 2004

It has been a rough week, but God is awesome

This past week has been rough. Of course the hard drive failure was just the start. Thursday my wife went to the doctor and found out she was put on bedrest for the weekend. We were fully expecting her to be on bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy like last time, but God is good and everything is much better. My wife said it best, so here is her email that she sent out. Praise God!!!!

"I wanted to update everyone on our pregnancy with Rebekah London. I had a Drs. appointment Thursday. Up to that point, everything had been looking great. When I went to the specialist on Thursday, he did an ultrasound and saw I had what he called funneling or beaking, which is an opening in my cervix. That was not a very promising thing since I was only 25 weeks along. He told me to go home and take it very easy and come back first thing Monday morning to have another ultrasound to see at what rate I was having change. I had an appointment scheduled with my regular dr. Friday and he with even more concern reiterated what the specialist had said. They were very concerned and said if there was any increase in the funneling, I would likely have to go to the hospital for the rest of the pregnancy. I did take it very easy over the weekend and Bret took amazing care of me and the kids. We prayed for a miracle. not only for the baby to be healthy and strong, but also be born at the right time and for me to not have to be on bed rest for the remains of the pregnancy (esp. in the hospital). I asked God to give me a miracle I could testify about to everyone. I know he is the God who provided another sacrifice in Isaac’s place, he is the God who was able to place a baby inside of Mary, he is the God who was able to keep the fire from consuming Shem, Ham and Japheth, he is the God who closed up the mouths of the lions in Daniel’s den, and he still is that same God and I asked him to do that today. I promised I would still praise him regardless and if he chose not to close up my cervix, I asked him to do something much greater. He did close up my cervix and I want him to receive all the credit for what happened. After my appointment this morning, I am not on bed rest. The specialists want to keep seeing me at least once a week. I am still supposed to take it easy, no lifting, pushing, prolonged standing or walking, but I don't have to be laying down all the time. I can do several things I couldn't do on bed rest. I am still taking it extremely easy and staying off my feet allot. Please keep praying for us and thank God for his answer to our miracle. We love you all so much and wanted to share our testimony of God's miracle with you. Summer"



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Phyllistene said...

wow, blessings, prayers and smiles. God is Good.