Monday, November 01, 2004

Good Weekend

I had a nice weekend. Friday was spent almost entirely with my family which is a great thing. Saturday my quartet got to work with one of the top coaches, Jim Casey. He taught us about "speech-level" singing. It is really facinating. Our quartet seems to have a lot of potential.

Sunday went very well. I thought that service was smooth and the worship team sounded great. Unfortunately my voice took a vacation for some reason. I barely made it through leading on Sunday, but my voice held up. Then last night we had a big Halloween bash at our place for the "compound." That is the church houses and all that live in them. There were about 20 of us including kids. Mark fired up the grill and we had a BYOM (bring your own meat) party. We had a great time. If you can believe it, the guys were remembering old 80's songs from groups like Chicago, Journey, Boston, Duran Duran, Huey Lewis and the News, etc. It was fun. This morning staff got together to pray and we've been discussing lots of church stuff. I've had lunch and I'm ready to start back in. I have several things on my plate that I'm working on. One of the hardest is learning flash. I want a cool worship ministry site and so I'm working throught the big flash handbook so I can design and keep up a cool site. Well that is about it for now.

Don't forget to vote tomorrow.

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