Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Thanksgiving Week!

Well, it is the day before Thanksgiving and thing are going well. Summer is still doing well with her pregnancy. We will not be traveling to KY and TN for Thanksgiving because of how young the baby is still. at 25 weeks it is too much of a risk to drive 12 hours each way and do that in a period of 4 days. Our families agree.

My plan is to cook Thanksgiving dinner on my own. Ok, I'm sure Summer will coach. I am really glad that places like Cracker Barrell are open just in case my cooking doesn't turn out too well.

Just in case you were wondering, that picture below is a picture of my Warhammer 40K figures. I put that together and painted it.

My new admin has started and she is doing a great job so far. I think she will be a great asset for the church here.

So what do all of you do the day after Thanksgiving? (that is an invitation to post a comment) The tradition for us is after sharing the day together eating, watching football, and the Macy's day parade, oh, and of course playing cards with family, we get all the shopping ads and find all the best deals and what we are interested in buying and then we get up on Friday and are at the stores by 5-6 depending on when they open and get those great deals. Summer wanted a 19" TV for Christmas, so I waited in a long line at 5:30 in the morning at Circuit City so I could get one for $49. I got the last one. Every year though, I start to think that it is just no worth the $20 you save to fight traffic, lines, and of course getting up that early just to get a deal, but that is what I grew up doing, so I guess it is just a habit. I guess there is a little pleasure in scoring the good deal too. Well, have a blessed Turkey day.


Jenni said...

How did the cooking go?! :-)

We used to do the shopping thing, but I agree with you that no savings is worth the alarm clock ringing at some way-too-early hour to stand in line. So, no more day after Thanksgiving shopping for me. Of course, this year, we had Thanksgiving at my parent's house on the day after Thanksgiving b/c that is when my sister and her fiance made it to Abilene. So, we had a full Thanksgiving lunch two days in a row. Ugh! I'm still full.

Phyllistene said...

Stephen and I vegged out at his families house in Nashville. Stephen is trying to convince to make a comment about us making out. I am opting out of that one. We went out to dinner w/ his parents and had fantastic mexican food. Yes.. the week at stephen's was fantastic. They had nothing but good things to say about you folks..not that I doubted it, i agree. Anyway. Tell summer for xmas she can get me the scoop on what they thought of me.. heheheh.. JK. See you guys in a few weeks!!!

Summers Mom said...

Note - Please keep Summer and Rebekua (as well as Bret, Micah and Anna) in your prayers...she's having a few problems again. God has blessed them so richly thus far, and I know he will continue to do so...