Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Baby by the weekend

Well, Summer had a lot of contractions all last night. I think she is really close. I'm working hard to get all of my work done so that I can be off tomorrow if the baby comes then. I'm pretty sure we will have a baby by the weekend. We are not going to the hospital unless contractions get really bad or her water breaks. The past two, we have gone too early to the hospital. She feels confident enough that she knows when she needs to go this time. I got the car seat out of storage this morning and it is very dirty. Summer is going to wash it today so that it will be ready to go. I guess I will install that this afternoon. She is packed and ready to go. Though she had lots of contractions, guess what she was doing this morning? Cleaning. I helped her out for a little while before I came in to work.

Well, today is Wed. which means I have lots of worship deadlines today, especially since Summer could call at any minute saying "Let's go to the hospital."

I'll keep the blog informed as much as I can, though I'm not sure if I'll have internet connection at the hospital or not.




stephen said...

God Speed
I hope everything goes well!
We'll keep checking to see the news.

Phyllistene said...

Im ecstatic for you guys! Many prayers from S. America!