Wednesday, January 05, 2005

NCAA Football needs a playoff

Ok, here is a quick rant. Auburn needs a shot at USC. Technically, so does Utah. 3 undefeated teams in one year after the bowls. Yes, I concede that USC is awesome, but Auburn and Utah need the chance to prove themselves. Maybe USC had a difficult schedule in conjunction with being ranked 1 at the begininng of the season, but if Auburn didn't have such a poor beginning of the season rating, they might have played for the National Championship. Personally, I think Auburn could have beaten USC. Ok, so I'm a biased SEC fan, but still they should have an opportunity. Strength of schedule doesn't always say who is the better team. Auburn wnnt undefeated in a tough conference and it still didn't help them. What's up with that????? OU, though they didn't do well deserved to be there, but so did Auburn. I hope that this year will fuel the need for a playoff system cause there are alot of teams that may lose their first game or two, but then develop into the best team in the nation. They need a shot at the national title in a playoff. Ok, rant over. Have a great day.

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stephen said...

Now the question is will those in charge be willing to give up the surplus of money that the bowls provide them as opposed to a playoff-that seems to be a main reason one has not been created yet. UNtil then watch the NFL playoffs this weeked the colts and the Pats should be a great game