Monday, January 03, 2005

The first week of 2005

Happy New Year everyone. It is a new year which means lots of planning and setting goals. I've done it every year and this year is no different. I've got my usual goals:

Lose wieght
Exercise More
Improve Spritual Life (pray more, read Bible more, etc.)
Finish lots of books that I'd like to read
Be more organized

I think the key to these goals is accountablility. If I don't have people that remind me to stay on task, it is easy to forget or just plain put it off. I'm working to get our staff to read the Bible in a year together as a staff so that we can be accountable to one another. I'm working on getting a YMCA membership so that the guys from the "compound" (all the church homes) can go excercise in the afternnon. As soon as my wife has this baby, she'll be able to keep me accountable on the lose weight thing.

It is also the year I turn 30. That means I need a doctor to give me a tune up. In my family there is a history of heart problems, cancer, and thyroid disorders. That means I need to take a stress test for my heart, get blood work done for my thyroid, and a colonoscopy (groan!). I'm not looking forward to these, but you got do what you got to do to make sure you are healthy.

Well, I gotta run for today. May your day be blessed.


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MichaelPolutta said...

30, eh? 30's not so bad. But wait until your 40's! I just popped a small, unimportant (yet very painful) muscle beneath my left calf! Playing PING PONG, no less!

See what you have to look forward to?