Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Baby is close

Micah was 2 weeks early. Anna was 3 weeks early. Does that mean that Rebekah is going to be 4 weeks early? I hope not, but it is looking like it. Summer is starting her 35th week today. She goes off of bed rest tomorrow. She is already feeling contractions. I'm thinking we will be lucky to get through the end of Jan. before having a baby. Time will tell I guess. The good thing is that Summer is healthy and the baby at this point is healthy and the doctor says there won't be any problem in delivering this early if she comes soon. We will still try to hold off until Feb. if at all possible.

My birthday is Saturday. Turning 30 has not affected me that much. Actually I'm kind of looking forward to being in my 30's. I think 30's are a good age. I'm still in great health. I'm now old enought to have a little experience under my belt and I'm not too old to do most anything I want to do. 30's are good. (That's what I'm telling myself anyways.)

I did go to the doctor and all of my blood work came back perfectly normal. They did breathing tests and EKG's and chest xrays cause of a family history with heart problems, but everything looks good. Unfortunately, because my dad had colon cancer, the doctors are recommending that I go ahead and have a colonoscopy. I'm not looking forward to it. If you ask me it sounds like a pain in the butt. They also said it would be healthy for me to lose a few pounds. Duh! Who couldn't stand to lose a few pounds. (I'm typing this as I'm making a decision to go to Snuffer's for my staff birthday lunch. Snuffer's is known for their cheese fries.)

Worship minsitry is going well. We had one of our best rehearsals last night. The worship team is really starting to gel and are sounding great. I'm looking forward to the possibilites in the future.

Have a great day.

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Phyllistene said...

hey there, its good to hear things are going well in all departments. Many prayers from all over south america as we travel . Love you guys!