Wednesday, October 10, 2007

2 CD recommendations

As I sit at my desk, I look at my iTunes and see 7500 songs. If I pushed play and played every song running 24 hours a day, it would take 19 days to listen to all of them. On top of that I've got about another 200 CDs I've yet to import into my iTunes. I'm amazed I've gotten this much of my library on there to begin with.

Out of what I have, I definately have some favorites. Two that I would recommend today are Bart Millard (Lead singer for Mercy Me) "Hymned No. 1." He takes his favoirte old hymns and has a jam session. It is very enjoyable. You get to hear new takes at good old hymns.

The second recomendation is Casting Crowns' new CD "The Altar and the Door." This CD has got some incredible songs including my favorites, "East to West" and "Slow Fade." Pick up this CD if you don't have it. It rocks.

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