Tuesday, October 23, 2007

3rd Place

I have a quartet I'm in called Speakeasy. We have only had 5 rehearsals and competed in a contest. We ended up in 3rd place and missed out on 2nd by only 3 points out of a total of 3600 points. In 5 rehearsals our average was a 76.5. A 76 is a qualifying score to go to international. Though we don't qualify til March, we should only get better which means we should be heading to the International Convention in July.

this year, the international convention will be in Nashville, TN. I'm excited about it being so close to home because my family will be able to come.

I took a 6:00am flight out of Corpus Christi on Sunday and was able to make it back to church for tech rehearsal and worship. Afterwards we had lunch with the whole praise team. We had a great time.

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Nancy Morris said...

Congrations from here in Paducah.
Hopefully you will have a video.
Can't wait until Thanksgiving to see Summer and kids. Of course you to.