Friday, January 20, 2006

Assignment #1 is done

Well, I just completed my first of two assignments for my grad class this semester. I had to read around 90 pages and write an outline for a class on an intro to the New Testament World. It was not quite as easy as it sounded. It is done and now on to assignment 2 for the week, which is to read another 60 pages and write a page paper. Easier than the first, but still a good bit of work. Once I complete that I get to look forward to next week's assignment which is to read a 300 page book in small print on the the Canon of the NT and write a critical assessment of it. Though I'm interested in the book, it is a lot of reading to do in one week for a full time minister that is a dad of 3 children.

But I want my grad degree and I'm willing to work for it, plus I'm learning some wonderful things that I wouldn't casually learn just for the fun of it. The only person that might read a book on the Canon of the NT or about the Midrash customs of Judaism for fun would be maybe Terrell Lee or Stephen Lamb. Sorry guys, had to write that. :)

This weekend I turn 31. I don't know what to think about 31. It is an ok your another year older, whatever age. 30 is a monumental age, even 32 has a nice sound to it, but 31? Well maybe by the time my 31st year of life is over I can look back and have a better appreciation for the number 31.

Well, I have reading to do and an awesome supper to eat. (Roast, mashed potatoes, okra, green beans, and corn bread) mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..............

Blessings to you all,



stephen said...

So what if I would !? ;)

Here's TO reading about Jewish Apocalyptic this weekend!

Jenni said...

Good luck with your grad work - I can't even imagine doing all that -- and I don't have a family to manage also!

I'm rapidly approaching that "30" birthday (in March) -- I'm not ready to imagine what 31 will be like.....

Sandy said...

It's ok... you're still "on the calendar". Our kids were really worried when John was about to turn 32... there weren't 32 days in any of the months on their calendar, so according to kid-logic, life must surely end after age 31! I assured them this was not the case (fortunately!)

summer said...

yay!!!! one down one to go.

i know that year 31 is going to be the best year yet. we'll have a year to tell everyone 31is a year to look forward to!!!!!!

i love you baby, even if you did make your own cake as a midnight snack the night before i was going to make it for your birthday!!! that's ok, less work for me!

stephen said...