Monday, January 16, 2006

Rain and Grad School

Rain, Rain, Go Away
3 Weeks from Yesterday

It rained this morning a little bit, but we could use about 3 weeks of solid rain to catch up. Things are dry, and fires are all over the place. I didn't realize how much it doesn't rain in Texas. I'm sure it is dry in other places, but Texas is really dry.

My ACU grad class starts tomorrow online. The only problem is my books were ordered the 3rd of this month and haven't arrived yet. So I'm going to the SMU library to pick up a book for my first assignment. I checked and my book might be here by the end of the week if I'm lucky.

Our sound board came in and will be delivered tomorrow or Wed. I'm so excited about getting that installed. It should make things easier for our sound crew.

We have our first elder's meeting of the year tonight. I'm sure it will be a long one since it has been a month since we have met.

I have to share one of my favorite jokes about elders.

How many elders does it take to change a lightbulb?............

Change??????? Who said anything about change?!?!?!?!?!?

Seriously though, elders have a tough job. I'm blessed we have elders that love this church and want to see it grow. We don't always agree, but I know that below the disagreements are hearts that love the Lord and this church.

Have a blessed day.


summer said...

we are so lucky and they have been sooooo good to us.

CL said...
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CL said...

It is so funny that you posted this, last night after an elders meeting I actually found myself outside - doing - you guessed it, changing a lightbulb (with an elder mind you) and by my calculations it takes at a minimum three. One to wrestle with the idea of changing the bulb and two to say, let's change it, all the while the wrestling elder keeps the other two from following through on their decision. Have a great week!

summer said...

i'm glad your books came in. now you can get to all that reading, if you ever start to feel better :-).
i love you!!!!!!