Monday, January 09, 2006

Awesome night

Last night was a homerun. We had 30 people from our worship ministry come to our house. This is the first time that we've had a big group to our house. The night went extremely well. We had a wonderful dinner planned and prepared by my wonderful wife. We reflected on 2005 and dreamed about 2006. After that we spent some time in worship and prayer that was wonderful. Other than my daughter puking as the people left, it went better than I could have hoped.

Anna and Rebekah both have ear infections. Anna has a really bad one. Now we have to get prescriptions and hope they get better soon.

I got an email from my ACU professor this weekend. My internet grad course will be starting next Tuesday. I'm kind of excited about getting my master's finished. It will take me a while, but I enjoy have a class or two a semester to keep me thinking and learning.

My friend Deen will be out of a job on February 7th. He has a marketing degree from ACU and has had experience with the banking industry and also has worked for TXU for several years. Due to outsourcing everything overseas, his whole department has been in the process of being laid off. He will be one of the last ones to be laid off. He would make a great employee for any company. If you know of a position available, please let me know. It has to be around the Dallas area because I refuse to lose him as a tenor. No job offers outside the Dallas area will be relayed on to him. :) Just kidding. I know the Lord will take care of Deen and will always provide.

Our sound job is getting closer to be complete. The speakers and the projector have made an incredible difference in our Sunday services. The next step is to get the booth moved downstairs and to get a new sound board. That should be happening in the next couple of weeks or so.

It also looks like we are going to get a color copier in the office. It is actually going to be cheaper than our current contract and the price per color page is going to be so much cheaper than using a color laser or an inkjet, not to mention we can now do inhouse color brochures instead of taking them to Kinkos which costs a ton. We will have to have policies on using the color part of the copier though as it still cost like $.10 a page which is great, but could be abused if everybody wants to copy color all the time. We will probably be very strict on how much color we end up doing.

Well, we have a staff prayer time in 5 minutes so I need to run. Have a blessed day.


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summer said...

its actually bekah taht has ther really bad one and she has them in both ears. anna is just really dramatic about hers!! sorry anna, i know it hurst, but come on..... bekah has barely cried...oh well thats our anna!