Thursday, January 12, 2006

The contest cycle has started

Tonight we had our first Vocal Majority rehearsal of the year. It went pretty well. We are going to have to set up two more risers starting next week because so many people are showing up for rehearsals.

The Vocal Majority has a rich history in the barbershop society. The biggest contest of the year is the international contest where the best choruses from all over the world come to compete in one big contest. The winning chorus gets gold medals. The catch is that a chorus that wins a gold medal has to sit out the next two years, so a chorus can only compete and win at the most once every 3 years. We call this the contest cycle. The Vocal Majority will be going for its 11th gold medal this July in Indianapolis. Did I mention that this would make the 10th consecutive gold medal?

This of course will be my first gold medal. I'm excited. We just learned the uptune we will be singing in contest tonight. It is a spectacular piece written by Irving Berlin titled "Marching Along with Time."

I'm looking forward to the weekend. There is nothing to do tomorrow which is good. I love Fridays because I can hang with the family and do whatever.

Have a blessed day.

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summer said...

we love fridays too, because it feels like we really get to be with you then. love you,