Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Nathaniel is a regular to our back door ministry. Our back door ministry has brought many regulars asking mainly for bus passes and a sack lunch. Nathaniel at face value is just like everyone else. He doesn't have a job, has had a tough time in life, and it doesn't seem he has the drive or the skill to get on his feet at the moment.

We helped him several times until a couple of months ago, things became different. There was a funeral for one of our dear ladies at the building one day and he showed up in a neck brace. His story was he got kicked out of church and needed help filling a prescription. Of course, with our policies, unless we know the person extremely well, we can't just help people get pain medication though I felt for him.

A few weeks later he showed up and we talked for a while. I asked if I could pray for him and he gladly accepted. After I prayed, he prayed the most powerful prayer. This man can hardly read or write, but he prayed more Scripture in a prayer than I have ever heard anyone pray. He has also prayed with John our youth minister. Both John and I have been taken back by his prayers and his knowledge of Scriptures. He quotes everything from Jesus to Jeremiah in his prayers.

He came by again today after telling us he was going to Denver and that the Lord was leading him there. He seemed to be a little down. Both John and I went to talk with him today. We got a commitment from him that he would be coming to church on Sunday.

To be honest, I don't know if he will come. But I hope he comes. He needs a church family. If he is ever going to get on his feet, he needs a group of people that can help him. I pray that he will choose to come. I believe that God brings him back to this church. I told him that maybe why God keeps him back to this church is so he might come and be a part of this church.

Maybe he's pulling a good one on us. But you know what? It doesn't matter. Our prayers and bus passes may be the only Jesus he sees in his life. I'm going to keep praying with him and helping him with bus passes as long as there is hope that he can find a community of believers that can help him and minister to him and also a place where he can utter those wonderful prayers to the encouragement of others.

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summer said...

wow, unplanned ministry is most often the most powerful. sounds like he is ministering to you as much as you are ministering to him. i love you and your no strings attached love. (probably with me the most!!!) god bless you and you can bet there will always be someone coming to that back door as long as god is using you like that.