Monday, October 18, 2004

The Drama Continues

The weekend was good. Glen and Vicki Anderson,some friends of mine from Paducah, were visiting their daughter this weekend and we got to spend some time witht them. Glen was one of my elders at Reidland C of C where I was before Preston Road. I grew up singing barbershop with Glen. He is the best of the best. You too Vicki.

Well, have I told you the drama in my family over the past 6-7 months? It all started when we got the call to come to Dallas. Soon after we got here, my oldest sister had to go to the hospital and found out that she had a mini-stroke. We would later find out that it may very well be a brain tumor. The doctors are still unsure about many things, but are still thinking it might be a brain tumor. Thankfully, the recent catscans show that there is no growth. Next, my youngest sister Christy and her husband Clint sell thier house, so they are going to be moving to Paducah in a small apartment that my oldest sister Cindy owns. Well, it ends up that the previous renters of the apt. left a huge infestation of fleas. The clean up was nasty. They are finally in the apt. Soon after that, my oldest sister Cindy sells her house. One day before closing the buyer backs out after they have put a pending contract on another house and started to move stuff. They finally sold their house and are now close to being in their new place. Meanwhile my middle sister Pam finds out that she has an 80% blockage in her heart and needs a stint. This is a couple of weeks after her daughter, my niece, was in a bad car accident and totaled her car. After the stint was put in she was still having heart pains, so she goes back and they find 4 more blockages ranging from 50-80%. She is now on medication. Clint, Christy's husband's plant is closing down, so this past weekend they went to NC to look at the other plant for a job. It is very likely they will be moving 10 hours in the opposite direction of Paducah than us at the beginning of the year. All of this has been going on while we have gotten pregnant with a new baby girl and of course our problems selling our house in Paducah. It is still on the market and so far no bites. When Satan attacks, he attacks hard. The person I feel sorry for is my mom. She is in the middle of all of it, feeling helpless. Her 6 youngest grandchildren (including our new one in Feb.) have or are moving 10 hours away from her. I can't imagine what I'd feel. My mom is single. My dad passed away 12 years ago. All she has left is my oldest sister in Paducah and her church family. It will be tough for her.

Doesn't all that sound like a big soap opera? Welcome to the Morris family. There is always some drama going on. Did I mention I've left out some details so I didn't have to take up so much space?

This weekend is the district competition for babershop. I will be competing in a quartet. I'm doing everything I can to keep my voice in good shape which means lots of water.

Well, time to get some work done. Have a blessed day.


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Phyllistene said...

Good Luck!! Have fun!!
Lots of prayers for the Morris dramatics.