Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Worship Planning Day

Tuesdays are worship planning days. My morning starts out with a worship planning meeting at 8:30 with a few people from our church. We try to plan a week and a half out at this point. Maybe in the future we can do more, but right now it seems to work ok. If we see something that will take a while longer to plan we will plan further out. Right now we have 6 of us and I want to double that group so there are more ideas and a better representation of our congregation.

I also had the treat of leading worship for our ladies Bible class that Summer was teaching today. They are doing a Beth Moore study and I offered to bring my gutiar and lead 2-3 praise songs to get things going. It went extremely well. I'm so proud of my wife. She is such a good teacher and a humble one. I'm so lucky to have her as my wife.

The first day of Atkins went well and I'm going strong today. Summer purchased some multivitamins that are designed for people on low carb diets to give them all the nutrients they need. Yes, I said I hate exercise, but I have plans to exercise. I go walking with a guy on our praise team when we can get our schedules worked out. Summer and I are also thinking about joinging the YMCA down the street. Childcare is $3 a kid an hour, so Summer and I can exercise together.

I have some friends, Ryan and Leslie, that live in the metroplex area. They grew up with me in KY. I ended up performing their wedding ceremony. Ryan is in the reserves and is in Kuwait. Please pray for him as he will be there until March or so. Leslie spent the day with Summer yesterday and last night since our elders meeting was cancelled, I went and enjoyed my hobby. Have you heard about my hobby?

I love strategy games. I always have. The hobby I have been getting into over the past couple of years is Warhammer 40K. It is a table top war game. In short, you have little minitures of soldiers and tanks and other cool stuff and you paint them. They represent your army and then there is a game that you play that is awesome. There are many armies you (10-12) and within those armies there are different chapters that have different rules as well. Because of this every army is different and everytime you play it is different. If you are interested in this kind of thing, let me know and I'll hook you up with more info or if you are in the Dallas area, you can come over and I'll show you how to play.

Ok, here is a question that you can repond to in the comments section. In worship, what do you prefer, words on the screen with backgrounds or music on the screen?

This seems to be an ongoing debate in many churches. Let me know what you think.




MichaelPolutta said...

Well, it appears that you and I are the only ones that read each other's blogs.

I prefer words, no music. A strong Praise Team on mic is a requirement for that to work well, though, IMHO.

Phyllistene said...

If my opinion counts I am a words and background kinda girl...

seeya! ~phyllis

Drew Battistelli said...

Words on screen, no music.. if you have a praise team.

Jenni said...

Just stumbled across your blog Bret -- I tend to go backwards and read past blogs when I first start reading someone, so pardon my rather tardy comment here.

I have varying levels of preference:

1 - words + music (b/c I am a music reader)
2 - words only on a solid, non-pictorial background - for ease of reading and minimal distractions
3 - this would come a far, far third - words on a pictorial background

So far I've enjoyed this peek into your world - other than what I get on Sundays as you lead worship! Thanks for sharing!!

Jenni said...

Of course, worship isn't really about my preferences, is it? An "a-ha" moment....again.