Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Spirit Moves!

Last night rocked. We have a "Peak of the Week" service on Wednesday nights. We don't want it to be a repeat of Sunday morning so we letting people share their story. Last night Ire Session, a black lady that is a member of our church and also a huge part of our New Friends New Life Program, gave her testimony. It was one of the most powerful testimonies I've heard. She requested that I lead all spirituals, so I did. Those were so fun. I really feel in my element when I sing spirituals. I always enjoyed having the opportunity to worship with the predominately black Church of Christ in Paducah growing up. Last night we sang "Said I Wasn't," "Get Right Church," "I Said It's Alright (Just a Little Talk with Jesus)," and "Don't You Want to Go to that Land." I think it was the best Wednesday night singing we have had yet. I'm hoping to mix a few spirituals on Sunday mornings occasionally.

I'm excited about the next few weeks of worship because our worship team gets to debut some of the new Zoe songs. The first few weeks we are teaching "Blessed Be Your Name" in our "pre-songs." The worship team starts singing before we have Announcements and Call to Worship. It is my time to fit in songs I want us to learn and I might put a song in there a few weeks in a row and then integrate it into worship. This will be my second week with "Blessed Be Your Name."

It is a beautiful day here in Dallas. Actually, it has been a beautiful week. There has hardly any clouds and temps have been in the 70's. Perfect. I've always loved the fall because of the changing leaves and the cool weather, but I wonder how much trees are going to change around the Dallas area.

Tonight is my night at Vocal Majority to have my final review to be a part of the performing chorus. I'm excited about being on stage with them.

Did I mention that my house is still for sell? Please pray about that.

May you have a blessed day,


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