Tuesday, October 19, 2004

A World of Confusion

I've been thinking about the church and the world lately. Satan has us right where he wants us. We are such a busy people. We have more things to do than we know how to fit in a day's time. I see kids getting involved in 2-3 sports and that is on top of thier academics, music, and dance lessons. Parents generally both have full time jobs which with travel and extra meetings can take upwards of 50-60 hours a week. Families spend less time together. People are having less and less time to be a part of a community for Christ. On top of that the economy is not the greatest. Gas prices are sky rocketing. And if that wasn't enough we are a very selfish nation that is about choosing what we want because it is the mood I'm in or it is the way I like it. All of this is seriously affecting the church. Churches around the nation are shrinking and budgets are shrinking. True evangelistic growth in most churches is little to none.

Why do I rant?

We need to do something. The power of Jesus can rock the nation, but it takes us stepping out of our comfort zones and being Jesus to the world. I'm not sure what that means for everyone. It is different in different places. But I do know that what we have been doing is not working. That means that we need to change some things if we are going to reach the world. I'm not coming to the discussion with answers, but with conviction that Satan is hitting our country hard and we are not resisting very well.

Churches need to unite, but all we do is divide. We are a country of convenience and churches have become ones of convenience. "I'll just go to a church where I feel comfortable" Church is not about being comfortable. It is about serving God in your community.

THere is my rant for the week. Sorry I don't have any definate answers. If I did, I'd be scheduling seminars at church for a living. I do know what I can do though and that is be Jesus to my family and those around me and whereever I go. So can you.

May you be Jesus where ever you walk this week and may God's blessings be with you.


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Phyllistene said...

Stephen and I have been discussing this idea for a few weeks now. It really is painstakingly obvious how selfish, and individualistic our sad little country and church has become. Church is no longer a place to come and share, teach, learn, love. Rather people come for the emotional "fill er up" type atmosphere that makes their week feel less sinful. The question is what steps can we take to transform the mind of the Church back into the mind of Christ. I have no idea. But thanks for some good thoughts.