Monday, October 25, 2004

What a Weekend!

I haven't competed in a barbershop contest in 12 years. The last time was an international competition with my dad in New Orleans. This past weekend I competed with a quartet in the Southwestern District quartet competition. Last year this quartet with another lead got 17th place. I've only been in the quartet for 4 months so we were only hoping to make top 10 if we were lucky. There were 30 quartets in the contest. We came in 3rd place. My mom, sister, brother-in-law, and their kids were able to be here and see us perform. We are so excited. The scores were fairly close between 1st and 3rd. We have a shot at competing in the international competition in 2005. I got home from the competition at 2:30 Sunday morning. I barely made it on Sunday.

Sunday went well. I led the 8:00 and the 10:40 service and everything went smoothly. We had a video testimony of one of our ladies in the church. It went over well.

I got lots of rest last night and I'm starting to recover from lack of sleep. It is time to get off of cloud nine and focus on my ministry. May God bless your day today.


Drew Battistelli said...


The guy next to your right hand in the photo. What is his name?

Bret Morris said...

John Rentz